Business Law


  1. The Thai Limited Company is the most popular and appealing form of business organization among foreigners doing business in Thailand due to its flexibility. The liability of the investors or shareholders are limited to the amount of unpaid on their shares as stated in Section 1096 of Thai Civil and COmmercial Coda.
  2. Business Partnership can be ordinary or limited business set up. Ordinary Partnership are joint partners who share unlimited liability for all their obligations. The Limited Partnership is similar to Ordinary Partnership but has two types of partners – one who shares limited liability and the other who shares unlimited liability.
  3. Thai Representative Office helps to facilitate the import and export of goods by foreign companies. Its limitations are: doesn’t receive any income from providing services, doesn’t receive purchase orders with third parties, and its expenses are paid entirely by the head office. To fully understand the conditions set to the Representative Office, please contact any of our Thai corporate lawyers.
  4. Branch Office, unlike the Representative Office, is not limited to the “non-trading” activities under the Thai law. It is allowed to earn income and is governed by the Foreign Business Act B.E. 2542
  5. Regional Office is different from the branch office setup. It is limited to performing only 7 specific activities. Check the Setting Up of Reginal Office page for the list of activities.