Legal Unit may provide the client with litigation on work hour basis with a reasonable price.

We able to provide are ranging from filing a lawsuit, drafting company’s essential letters, such as power of attorney, notice of warning, demand letter including letters to government agencies, such as clarification letter

Our firm focuses on providing the services with heart and affordable price, so we have limited the service’s price in case by case.


Criminal Law

Fraud, Theft, Serious Assault, Drug Offences, Criminal Negligence, Money Laundering

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property and intangible assets are different from general assets. Hence, it is required to have careful and efficient management and protection in order to develop the potentiality of creative works for globalization.

Labor Law

We advise and represent companies as well as employees in all areas of individual and collective employment law. Clients benefit from our high-quality standards.

services include,

  • Employment contracts
  • Litigation
  • Individual labor law
  • Working rules
  • Termination of employment project

Family Law 

Divorce, Adoption, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Repudiation